Innovative Products

EntriFlex Innovative Products
EntriFlex Innovative Products

HospiCare Pro: Healthcare Industry

HospiCarePro was designed for any health institution that has the patient as centre of operation. Try out your fortune for online roulette. It suitable for all sizes of healthcare providers; from clinics to multi-specialty hospitals, covering a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. Healthcare practitioners, HMO’s, statisticians and researchers are not left out; with well-built modules that converges all aspect of health management, processes and practices.

Profitaa BPM: Finance Industry

Whether you are selling a product or service, onetime or recurring OR you want to manage your personal finance and all your transactions from different companies all from one environment; ProfitaaBPM is the solution! ProfitaaBPM is not only limited to tangible services but intangibles like consultancy e.t.c. As far as accountability and efficiency is concerned.