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EntriFlex Team
EntriFlex Team

EntriFlex is well known in the market for quality solutions and professionalism in our service delivery to our clients. This is made possible by our team of seasoned professionals from various academic backgrounds. We pride in the wealth of experiences and culture this team possess and we strive to maintain such, grow with technological and market demands in service and product delivery.

From seasoned business consultants to ICT experts, marketing gurus, legal experts and successful authors, graphics and web designers, programmers and much more. We have a small working team but a compact and committed one that have proven over the years, that effective team work is all that matters in building a successful brand and project delivery. Need more fun having online roulette. Here are profiles of some of the key team members;

Kelvins Eghosa Aghayedo – CEO, Chief Consultant

Kelvins Eghosa AghayedoAt the realm of EntriFlex Technologies is Kelvins Eghosa Aghayedo, a seasoned I.T Consultant, Business/Project Manager, Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of successes in the ICT industry in Nigeria. Skilled in Business/Project Development & Management, Application Design, Development & Sustainability (web & mobile application technologies), DevOps (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, GIT/Workflow and Team Development and Tools, Application Security).

He also has deep understanding and interest in other related areas such as Parallel Computing, MPI, Data Structure & Algorithm, Big Data, AI, Telecommunications & Research.

Over the years, Kelvins had worked on several projects in diverse industries, companies, partners and teams both as an employee, developer, consultant or a team leader. These have widen his horizon, strengthened his skills and broaden his understanding about what really matters in every aspect of a software project. His various universities education and studies have also solidified his technical strength and exposed him to the intrinsic details often neglected technically. For example, using lean methodologies in building and creating more value for clients, while at the same time leveraging on less resources. Additionally, the application of lean approach in MVP (most viable product) at the initial phase of any complex project.

He has a widely recognised reputation as an innovative thinker and implementer. Ideas are cheap but implementation and actualisation are the real deals. He single-handedly developed the two major applications of EntriFlex Technologies, currently in the market and been used by several clients and institutions. HospicarePro, an ehealth system developed according the the E-Health Framework of Nigeria: AND ProfitaaBPM, a business process management application currently been patronized by hundreds:

These innovations and more have brought him good recognition as he was awarded the prestigious Best Software Developer in Nigeria Award by the Nigerian Computer Society in 2007 and also recognized by Forge Ahead in South Africa as a Top ICT Innovator in the continent.

He is committed to research and prototype development. Also, he is into music as Eghe Nimose and a great player in other industry outside ICT.